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Will laminate or hardwood be better when selling my home?

Yes, laminate flooring is probably preferable to carpet in most case, but it depends so much on the buyer.  Of course, hardwood flooring is the best, but it does cost more money & is harder to install yourself. ... Laminate is an improvement if the old floor is damaged.  It does not increase the value in a buyer's eyes

There is no hard data supports the notion that wood flooring provides greater resale value to a house than other types of floor coverings.  There may have been a few studies poses the idea that home buyers might be willing to pay more for wood flooring.  Some of the data associated that claims of greater resale value use speculative terms such as "would" and "believe that."

As yet, wood flooring is assumed the higher resale value is based on speculation, not actual dollar amounts. 

Still, the people consulted in the studies who speculate about wood flooring value are seasoned professionals with many years of gut-level experience under their belts: realtors, builders, and designers.