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What is a recirculating vent on a microwave?

Recirculating Vents

The vent is on the top rear as with most over-the-range microwaves. Traditionally, it is vented through a duct system to the outside or you can choose to recirculate it, which means just that--the air recirculates as opposed to being vented outside. There is an air filter used for this that comes with the unit.
  1. Interior venting or recirculation is typically found when using an over-the-range microwave or a less expensive hood.
  2. Also found in many renovation projects where it is impossible to duct to an outside location. 
    1. Interior vents work with two filters, the main visible filter and then an internal charcoal filter.
Interior venting has not changed much over the last few years, but the average range has increased from 40,000 BTUs to at least 50,000 and up to 70,000 for a professional range. The average recirculating vent will or may not be able to handle the added volume of air. 

Reference:  A Review Of Interior, Exterior and Recirculating Ventilation

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