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Is all mold in my house dangerous?

The answer is simple, Yes, and No. It all depends on you and your expectations for your future health and re-sale value of your home. Let me explain.

Do you have mold in your home right now? – Yes, all normal indoor and outdoor environments are exposed to a huge variety of molds and fungus on a daily basis.

Is it dangerous? – That depends on what type it is and the genetics and age of the people exposed to it. Paraphrasing info on the CDC website, no one mold is more toxic than another, but certain people are more or less sensitive to different molds and their reaction to that mold can create mild to serious medical conditions.

In some research it has shown that some children and seniors along with people having compromised immune systems are most prone to have an allergic reaction to mold. Additionally, long term exposure to elevated spore counts greatly affects your sensitivity to mold and other respiratory irritants.

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