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What is the homeowner's responsibilities in a successful remodel / additions?

There are some important things to remember to ensure your remodeling project goes smoothly by doing your part. It's important that once you choose the contractor that you as a client enter the project with the right mindset, clear mindsets and know that the project is actually yours and the contractor is your advocate in completing the project.

Here is a quick list of things you as a Homeowner can do to achieve a great project!

7. Funding - Remodeling is usually the most costly, because there are a lot of unknowns; together with the contractor, understanding the budget will also keep the project on track. 

6. Keep an open mind - Remodeling is not an easy task. Know that every project comes with it's own challenges and each project is different in it's own way. Staying flexible to new ideas can be a solution for your remodeling challenges.

5. Keep kids, family, & pets safe - A plan for accessing and avoiding the job site area during construction is critical. Children, family and pets must be kept out of the work area for their safety.

4. Accessibility - A homeowner should work with the Contractor to make access in and out of the work area easy and safe. Establish a plan to provide a temporary access code or spare key in a secure place that is readily available.

3. Protecting your home - Construction is as dusty as it is disruptive. Cover furniture and artwork with painter's plastic before work begins. Also, let your builder know of any special finishes or fragile items that will be near their work area.

2.Trust & Respect - The Golden Rule readily applies. If you hired this company, they should be top on your list for integrity and professionalism. If you encounter a question that doesn't get answered to your liking, let them know and give them the opportunity to provide an alternative solution. The same etiquette you use in your daily work place will also create a great work environment in your home.

1. Communication - Keep it open, keep it consistent, and patiently ask questions. A true professional will never have an issue providing an explanation or follow up. Keeping concerns to yourself will hinder communication, keep both parties on different pages, and most likely create resentment that can affect your decision-making.

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