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How to get out of the PC Virus Infection Pop-up Screens!

If you have been receiving rectangular notification popups in the lower right corner of my screen in Windows 10 that contain the square white Windows logo and say:

PC is infected, Click to remove viruses:

And you are not sure that this is a legitimate notification or if the notification is the malware and keeps popping up three times in succession.

In addition, you have ran your own PC anti virus software multiple times with no results of finding a problem.  Chance are you are not infected; some how a online program in your browser is producing this notification in order to get you to click on the notification so it will take you to a subscription to remove to this notification.  (SCAM Alert)

For the most part there are ways to fix this issue.  Check out the link below for possible solutions. 


Still having problems send me a ticket; together we can find a solution. 

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