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What is the different between Project Manager and Program Manager?

Well people has been asking this question a lot, but most look at this way; project management seems to think as to management the day to day endeavors of a project; but program management seen to focus on the overall dynamics of a project that encompass multiple-projects.

Generally speaking, in a opinion a program manager has broader responsibilities than the project manager. Therefore, the tools they use are focused on either the macro, for the program manager, or the micro, for the project manager.

Here’s a breakdown of the roles.

Project Manager Responsibilities:

  • Managing the project, including project scope, schedule and resources
  • Assembling and managing the project team and their performance
  • Delivering successful project outcomes (ensuring it is on time and under budget)

Program Manager Responsibilities:

  • Overseeing multiple projects
  • Managing multiple project teams (and sometimes project managers)
  • Delivering successful program outcomes.

However still the two roles often differ in their views both in what they see on their dashboards and in the abstract, too. Program managers are more strategic in their thinking and deliverables, while the project manager is often working on day-to-day task management on a more cellular level.

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