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How do I measure for windows treatments?


            Why Choose an Inside Mount?

            Clean look: Allows for showcasing attractive window or door molding.


Deductions and Light Gaps: A small deduction in width and/or length is taken to ensure proper operating clearance. This gap may affect the treatment’s ability to darken a room.

Obstructed Views: When fully opened, the stack ( a compressed portion of the window treatment) will obstruct part of the view from your window. Stack heights will vary by product.

Architectural Obstacles: Obstacles such as handles and cranks can interfere with the operation of the inside-mount treatments.

Depth Considerations: Be sure your window meets the minimum-depth requirements for installation. Varies by product.

Why Choose an Outside Mount?

            Improve Privacy and Light Control: Light gaps on the side of window treatments can be substantially diminished or eliminated.

            Fewer Installation Limitations: Ideal for covering non-square windows or if you want an unobstructed view when fully opened.

            Fewer Architectural Obstacles: Clears obstacles like handles and cranks.


Mounting Surface: Requires at least 2" of flat surface above window or door frame for mounting brackets. Projection brackets can be ordered, if needed, to clear frame molding.

Deductions: The manufacturer does not take deductions outside mount installations, so measure accurately.  For all measurements, use a steel tape measure only.Measure to the nearest 1/8".

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